Our Story

The Meet Up

Nick and Rachel technically met online, but only as a way of introduction, as they met in person about 12 hours later. Nick had an extra ticket to a Cubs game on his annual Chicago Labor Day Weekend trip, so headed to OkCupid and set his search to show people who were: Online Now, Within 5 miles of Wrigley Field, and had the word Cubs in their profile. As big of a Cubs fan as Rachel is, this description fit her profile and after a bit of chatting, they agreed to meet for the game! Rachel brought along her roommate and now bridesmaid, Betsy as a body guard for the initial meet up and after short introductions, Nick and Rachel went into the game. Watching the game was secondary to their conversation and laughter, so a dinner date at Giordano’s was a natural next step.

Dating Long Distance

During this first stage of dating, Nick lived in Detroit and Rachel lived in Chicago. Nick grew up in St. Joseph, Michigan, so many trips between Detroit, St. Joe and Chicago occurred throughout the next several months as they got to know each other and fall in love.

The Move

During Summer 2015, Nick decided he wanted to move to Chicago by the Summer of 2016. After meeting Rachel, she helped speed up the process and reviewed many resumes until Nick landed a job in Chicago! Doing every day life together was a wonderful transition and Nick and Rachel grew closer.

The Proposal

Nick talked up their one-year anniversary to Rachel for several months, so as it got closer to Labor Day Weekend 2017, Rachel became all the more excited for the next step. Just like the year before when they first met, Nick told Rachel he had an extra ticket to the next day’s Cubs game because his mom could no longer go (which was the made up story all along). After much convincing because Rachel had plans to get ready for the one-year date, they agreed to meet at the same spot where they first met at Clark & Addison. Nick ‘popped the question’ in front of the Cubs Marquee and Rachel’s family quickly joined in the fun not long after she said, “Yes!” Nick coordinated with his family from all over the country to come to the game and enjoy the weekend of celebrations with the couple. After the game, just like their first date, Nick and Rachel joined with 16 family members at the same Giordano’s and celebrated their engagement!